The Sonoma Valley Democrats are a chartered, grass-roots Democratic Club. We are an active voice for democracy in Sonoma Valley working to:

  • elect strong Democratic candidates
  • increase voter registration
  • have an impact concerning key issues.


Take place on the 4th Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome at no charge. For details email


Many members of of the Sonoma Valley Democrats participated in the Sonoma Valley Car Caravan for Single Payer Healthcare on Feb. 6, 2021. It was a great success with 10 cars in the caravan, supporters stationed along the route, and about 50 local voters awaiting us at City Hall to cheer on the presentation to Mayor Logan Harvey by Councilmember Jack Ding of our proposed resolution in support of Single Payer for California. The event was sponsored by the California Nurses Association and organized locally by our club Secretary, Dr. Mary McDevitt. Tremendous thanks to Mary and all those who were able to participate. The follow-up action is to contact our Sonoma City Councilmembers and State Representatives and ask them to support Single Payer Healthcare for California.