About Us


The Sonoma Valley Democrats is Chartered by the Sonoma County Democratic Party.

Executive Board Members:

  • President – Beth Hadley
  • Vice President – Sabina Cesar
  • Secretary – Mary McDevitt
  • Treasurer – Robert Baeyan
  • Member-at-Large – Joanne Brown
  • Member-at-Large – Thomas Martin
  • Member-at-Large – Teresa Suarez
  • Member-at-Large – Carol Taylor


The primary objectives and purposes of the Sonoma Valley Democrats are:

  1. To support endorsed Democratic candidates for public office.
  2. To provide support for Democratic officeholders.
  3. Further the goals of the Democratic Party and to encourage and develop the organization of the Democratic Party at the precinct level.
  4. To provide a unified voice for Sonoma Valley Democrats.
  5. To provide a public forum for the ideas, problems, and interests that are of special concern to residents of Sonoma Valley.
  6. To take appropriate public positions on issues relevant to residents of the Sonoma Valley.